Zorica Hofman is now WMF Secretary General

Zorica Hofman from Serbia will replace the existing WMF Secretary General, Alexandros Barros.

Zorica Hofman from Serbia will replace existing WMF Secretary General Mr. Alexandros Barros, who will sit on the position Pan-American Minifootball Federation Secretary General with respect on the progressive minifootball development in the American continent that Barros did.

The main reasons are his strong miniofootball experiences and also experiences from sport's organization (FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 and Summer Olympic Games 2016) as well as strong personal ties with individual national minifootball associations that are members of the PAMF that he created during his function as WMF SG and perfect knowledgement of Spanish and Portuguese language.

Main responsibility of Mrs. Zorica Hofman will primarily be to supervise the implementation of the WMF Global Strategy, communicate with the WMF membership base, control the development of WMF PR activities, and supervise WMF events.

Filip Juda, President of the WMF, said: "Thanks to Alexander Barros' work at the WMF, we have achieved important development of minifootball on the American continent in a very short time, and I would like to thank to Mr Barros for his work. We both evaluated that now is important to stabilize the progressive development in America and this is a reason that Mr. Barros will only devote himself to the development of minifootball on the American continent, and his position will be taken over by a new person and I will have more time to focus on minifootball development in Europe and Asia. That Mr Barros continues to be in the WMF structures demonstrates that the WMF continues to work with important people to pursue the WMF goals outlined in the statutes of the federation. I see Mrs Hofman as a very experienced person with experience from an international sporting environment and I am looking forward to work together."

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