WMF main aims and objectives are to organize, promote and develop minifootball in the world. The WMF iams and objectives in details are written in WMF Statutes and below:

To improve the game of Minifootball constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs.

To organise its own international competitions.

To draw up regulations and provisions governing the game of Minifootball and related matters and to ensure their enforcement.

To control every type of organisation Minifootball by taking appropriate steps to prevent infringements of the Statutes, regulations or decisions of the GA or of the IMR.

To use its efforts to ensure that the game of Minifootball is available to and resourced for all who wish to participate, regardless of gender or age.

To promote the deveopment of women's Minifootball competitions.

To promote integrity, ethics and fair play with a view to preventing all methods or practices, such as corruption, doping or match manipulation, which might jeopardize the integrity of matches, competitions, players, officials and member organisations or give rise to abuse of organisation Minifootball.